What’s new in Procreate 5X

Pencil filters.

Change the way you work forever by painting stunning effects with any brush. Get exactly the look you want, exactly where you want it by customizing your adjustments at any time.

New finishing moves

Powerful new filters.

Creating incredible effects and dramatic finishes is easier than ever with a host of new filters and adjustments. There are huge improvements to essential filters like Noise and Blur, and amazing new creative possibilities with Glitch, Chromatic Aberration and more.

The final touch

Powerful and flexible new Bloom, Half Tone and Noise, ideal for that perfect finish.

Colorful potential

Gradient Map.

Add a new dimension of color by mapping custom gradients across your value painting. The Gradient Library comes packed with gorgeous gradients to help get you started.

New Companions

Procreate on your face.

Now you can paint directly onto your face without all the mess. See your FacePaint update live and even play your animations. Perform, record and share with your fans.

Reference Companion

Always keep your composition in focus while you paint in the details. Import a reference image that will stay by your side; ready to provide inspiration and colors.

Polished process

Private Layer

Import an image or photo as a Private Layer to create presentation grade Time-lapse videos or to keep your Time-lapse and Gallery free of references and draw-overs.

Fill with swatches


Fill color direct from your palettes straight onto your canvas.


Never stop drawing.

Procreate 5X now includes iPad OS Scribble for an uninterrupted drawing experience that keeps you in the moment. Scribble layer names, number values in Brush Studio and even scribble text directly on your canvas.

  • Text Simplified

    Scribble out and write text straight into your artwork for a natural writing experience, no keypad necessary.

  • Easy Input

    Scribble your brush, color or text values faster and more accurately than ever before.

Instant palette

Capture the world.

See some colors you love? Use your iPad’s camera to instantly turn them into a swatch palette. Create custom palettes from your environment, your Photos library, or any of your favorite existing Adobe® ACO and ASE palettes.

Color at your fingertips

A faster way to color.

Accelerate your workflow by drawing selections that automatically fill with color. Add or Remove with any selection tool to create sharp, vibrant shapes.

Changing scale

More ways to Transform.

Make beautiful compositions with precise new ways to move and scale your artwork.

  • Snapping

    Snap objects accurately to your canvas edge, center, or other layers instantly.

  • Bounding Box Adjust

    For the first time, you can rotate your bounding box to scale and stretch from any orientation. Once you’ve used Bounding Box Adjust, it’ll be hard to imagine life without it.

The perfect blend

Blur Brushes

Blend edges and mix colors by adding blur to your brushes. Discover a whole new dynamic when creating your own blending brushes in Brush Studio.

Made for iPad


Jump straight into your latest artwork from your home screen with the new Procreate Widget.

Supercharged shortcuts

QuickMenu Profiles

Build up your own library of custom shortcuts.Tailor QuickMenu profiles to your creative processes like sketching, coloring or finishing.

Feature Rich

So much more.

Procreate 5X delivers so many more features and improvements to make your digital art experience better. With a more refined interface for easier workflow, Crop and Resize Snapping and much more.

Procreate for iPad

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