Procreate Handbook

Version 5X


Snapping helps keep your transformations aligned when moving an object, and in proportion when re-sizing.

When you move or transform your content with Snapping on, blue guide-lines will appear on-screen, indicating positional or scale points that might be helpful. Your content will snap to things such as centre points of your canvas or items sitting on other layers.

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When you tap the Snapping button a Settings panel appears that controls sensitivity and how you content responds when Snapping is on. Understanding how these controls affect Snapping can help with your workflow.



To activate tap the Snapping button and toggle Snapping on. To turn off, tap the Snapping toggle off.



When toggled on, Magnetics allows your content to easily slide along the blue guide-lines that appear as you move your content around your canvas.



Distance controls the distance in pixels an object or guide needs to be before your content snaps to it.

At 1 Distance your content will freely slide around the canvas only snapping when exactly aligned to a guide or object. At 50 Distance your content will ‘jump’ to snap on to any guide or object within a 50 pixels distance.



Velocity controls the speed your content can move at before it activates the snapping guides.

With Velocity set at None your content will freely slide around the canvas not activating any guides. At Max Velocity your content will activate all available guides unless you are moving it quickly.

Experiment with Distance and Velocity to find the Snapping sensitivity that works best for you.