Procreate Handbook

Version 5X

Interface and Basics

Add Text, and access all the typography tools you need in one versatile panel.

Text Basics

Add and edit Text content in crisp vector format, move and resize your Text box, and convert the result to raster graphics for unlimited customization.

Add Text

Add Text to your document with a tap.

Tap Actions > Add > Add Text.

A bounding box containing the word Text will appear on your canvas. The text is shown in your currently selected color, and uses Procreate’s default font, Eina.

Edit Text

Use the Keyboard to type into your Text box or use Apple Pencil to Scribble.

When you add new Text to your canvas, the word Text is already highlighted and ready to be typed over. You can use the iOS Keyboard to type or Apple Pencil to Scribble in new text.

After entering your new text, the Text box around it will expand to fit the content as it changes.

To align, select, cut, copy, paste or select the font style, double tap your Text to invoke the Text Entry Companion.

To further adjust your text’s font, style, design and attributes tap the name of the font in the font style field of the Text Entry Companion to invoke the Edit Style Panel.

Click here to find out more about the Edit Style Panel.

Pro Tip

To quickly change your font you can Scribble the name of the font you want in the Font Style field and it will automatically change.

Move Text

Move your Text and resize the bounding box around it.

To move your Text, drag the active bounding box around the canvas. While Text remains in vector mode (see below), it can hang over the edge of the canvas without being cut off.

Resize Text Box

To widen or shrink your Text box, drag the blue nodes on either side of the bounding box.

Resizing your Text box will not change the shape of the text inside the box, only the shape of the container.

If you make the bounding box narrower than the text inside, the text will break onto multiple lines.

Vector Text vs Raster Text

Keep your Text in crisp editable vector form for basic edits, or rasterise it into a pixel-based image in order to create more complex effects.

Vector Text can be resized up and down with no loss of quality. You can also keep retyping and changing the content of your Text box with no loss of quality.

Pro Tip

In the Layers panel, vector Text layers display an ‘A’ in their thumbnail preview, and their layer name is set automatically by the contents of the Text box unless you manually change it.

However, in order to use certain Procreate tools, you need to rasterise your Text. This turns it into pixel data that can be painted, distorted, merged and more.

Pro Tip

In the Layers panel, raster Text layers are normal layers, and appear as such.

Using Vector Text you can:

  • Type in new content
  • Change font, style, spacing and alignment
  • Add underline, outline, and capitalisation effects

Using Vector or Raster Text you can:

  • Move your Text around
  • Change opacity
  • Add Clipping Masks and Layer Masks
  • Group Text with other layers

Using Raster Text you can:

  • Use any other Procreate function on it, including Selections, Transformations, Adjustments and Merging

In the Layers panel, you can identify vector Text by the ‘A’ visible in the Text layer thumbnail. The layer name will also automatically change to reflect its Text content.

Pro Tip

You can override the automatic naming of a vector Text layer. Tap on the Text layer to bring up the Layer Options menu, and tap Rename.

To rasterise your text, tap the Text layer in the Layers palette to invoke the Layer Options menu, and tap Rasterise.