Procreate Handbook

Version 5X


Fine control over every part of your image is simple when each element exists on a separate layer.

New Layer

Add new layers to your project to separate out different elements of your artwork, and give your layers custom names to keep things organized.


To add a new layer to your artwork, press the + button at the top right of the Layers Panel. The new layer will be added above the active layer.

New Private Layer

Insert a File or Photo as a Private Layer that won’t appear in your Gallery or Time-lapse replay and video.

Private layers are ideal for not revealing reference images and other content that isn’t a part of your final artwork without having to delete or turn off that layer in your file. A Private Layer works like a regular layer in all aspects, except it will not appear in a Gallery preview image, exported Time-lapse video or replay.

Find out more on how Private Layers work in the Actions > Add section.

Background Color

Build your work up on the background color of your choice, or switch the background off to create transparency in your art.


Add Color

When you create a new artwork, the Background Color layer is white by default.

In the Layers panel, tap the Background Color layer to invoke the Color Panel. Here you can select a new color for the background of your artwork. Tap Done to exit the Color Panel.

Transparent Background

If you need to create a piece with transparent elements, tap the Visibility Checkbox on the right side of the Background Color layer to switch it off.