Procreate Handbook

Version 5X


With the unique power of layers, you can paint overlapping objects without altering the work you've already done. Easily move, edit, recolor and delete individual elements, and enjoy total creative freedom.


Layers offer unparalleled freedom to experiment. Work above or behind existing elements of your painting, and move, duplicate, edit and blend the results independently of other layers.

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Fine control over every part of your image is simple when each element exists on a separate layer.

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Move, Lock, Duplicate and Delete - a simple touch or swipe puts all the most commonly-used layer controls at your fingertips.

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Rename, Select, Copy, Fill, Clear, or master powerful Alpha, Mask, Reference and Merge functions through the versatile Layer Options menu.

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Blend Modes

By default, content on a layer covers up the contents of layers underneath it. But there are many more ways the objects and colors on two layers can interact. Blend Modes open up a universe of visual possibilities.

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Procreate offers a variety of ways to modify your artwork while protecting certain areas of content, giving you the freedom to work fast and experiment with confidence.

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With options to share your layers as bulk-exported individual images, multi-page PDF documents, and simple looping animations, your artworks are more versatile than ever before.

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