Procreate Handbook

Version 5X


Select, adjust, and harmonize the color in your art with multiple interface options to suit your workflow. Drag and Drop color into your art. Save, import and share palettes. And let Harmony suggest complimentary colors to suit the mood of your piece.


Procreate offers multiple color interfaces tailored to suit the way you work, giving you a variety of ways to choose, save, and adjust colors.

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Discover the Color Disc: a fresh way to choose the perfect hue and take control over saturation.

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For a traditional approach to digital color, use the Classic Color Picker with Hue / Saturation / Brightness sliders.

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Supercharge your art with the power of color theory. Harmony builds instant Complementary, Split Complementary, Analogous, Triadic, and Tetradic color schemes based on your color choices.

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Replicate exact colors using precision sliders with Hue / Saturation / Brightness, Red / Green / Blue, and Hexadecimal numerical inputs.

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Store your favorite colors as Swatches. Create and import harmonious Palettes so the color scheme you need is close at hand. And save, share, and organize those palettes for later use in the powerful Palette Library.

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Create your art with Color Profiles designed to achieve the best results on screen or in print. Choose from our sRGB, P3 Wide Color, or CMYK options, or import your own custom color profiles.

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