Procreate Handbook

Version 5X


Polish your artwork to perfection with professional image effects. Make industry-level color adjustments. Tweak your image with Sharpen, Noise, and a variety of Blur options. And create mind-bending effects in an instant using the power of Liquify. Plus add special effects like Bloom, Glitch, Halftone and Chromatic Aberration.

Interface & Gestures

Give your art professional finishing touches with the extraordinary capabilities of the Adjustments menu.

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Add various Glitch style effects to your images.

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Add greyscale and color halftones to your images.

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Smooth and soften your image with Gaussian Blur, create the illusion of fast movement using Motion Blur, and use Perspective Blur to add zooming and directional blasting effects.

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Enhance the fine detail in your image for a crisp, focused look.

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Add and control grain in your image for a more organic, vintage feel.

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Liquify warps the pixels of a layer in five different ways to create mind-bending effects.

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Instantly paint one part of an image onto another part of the canvas for quick and natural duplication.

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Color Adjustments

Take your art to the next level with industry-standard color adjustment tools. Adjust Hue, Saturation and Brightness, tweak your Color Balance, experiment with Curves over a helpful histogram, and Recolor parts of your image with ease.

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Chromatic Aberration

Add a Chromatic Aberration effect to your images.

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Easily add realistic and atmospheric glows to your images.

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