Holiday update now available

This holiday season, experience massive improvements in speed and stability combined with massive new features.

Even better

More speed, more stability

We haven't just added features: we've significantly improved Procreate's general speed and stability, ensuring everything runs as smoothly as possible.

Beauty and power

Completely redesigned Layers

Putting more power in your hands

Experience the vastly improved layering system, redesigned and rebuilt from the ground up to include a host of powerful new features.

Redesigned Layers

Take control with Layer Groups

There's strength in numbers

Stay organised by combining layers into Groups. Easily drag layers in and out of Groups, nest them inside one another, lock them, or hide them together.

Layer Groups

Multiple Layer Actions

All together now!

Swipe to the right to select multiple layers at once. You can then move, delete, group or lock them in one go, without disrupting your workflow.

Multiple Layer Actions

Transform Multiple Layers

Move, scale, shear, or distort

Procreate now gives you the power to move, scale, shear or distort selected layers and Layer Groups, allowing for fast and powerful layer management.

Transform Multiple Layers

Enhance your workflow

Bring those PSD files back to life

Import Adobe® Photoshop® files seamlessly into Procreate, making your workflow easier than ever. Preserve your layers, groups, blend modes, and more.

PSD Import

Keyboard Shortcuts

Use Procreate with both hands

Connect your keyboard and use many of the industry standard shortcuts to access advanced features with a single press.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Introducing Live Broadcast

Share the way you create, live!

With the touch of a button, you can broadcast live using popular streaming services like Periscope and Mobcrush, straight from Procreate.

Live Broadcast

Capture your creativity

Never lose a moment

Record your screen in real-time to capture your entire creative process. You can include voice narration, export it for later, or share it straight away.

Screen Capture

Rapid Undo Gesture

Fix mistakes quicker than you make them

Now the two-finger Undo is even better. Just hold your fingers on the canvas to continuously Undo or Redo until you lift off again.

Rapid Undo Gesture

Expand your horizon

More colors made easily accessible

The yellow-orange section of the color wheel has been expanded to make it even easier to get the exact color you want.

Colour Expand
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Procreate for iPad

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