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Here you'll find a number of resources to help you with Procreate. The Procreate Artists' Handbook walks you through the app's extensive features. For an overview of Procreate Pocket's essential tools, download the Procreate Pocketbook.

Artists' Handbook

The definitive guide to Procreate

For the best experience we recommend the iBooks version through iTunes. It will provide automatic updates so you'll know exactly how to use the new features - that's great for us and even better for you. If the iBook is not available through iTunes in your country we're hosting a version so you can still get in on the action. If none of those options suit you try out the good old PDF.

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Procreate Pocketbook

Just like its big brother, Procreate Pocket has its own definitive guide. The Procreate Pocketbook will give you a quick overview of Procreate Pocket's essential tools and features.

Grab the iBooks version through iTunes,
or download the PDF. You can also download some useful resources for Procreate Pocket from our forums.

Community forums

Someone is always around to help

Procreate is blessed by having a thriving community that not only helps us improve the app, but can help you with anything from artwork critique, brush customisation or just general problem solving. Jump on over and have a browse, it's a wealth of information.

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If you just can't find what you're after in the Procreate Community, have an offer we can't refuse or you just want to shoot the breeze, hit up Matt. He's been told he's a very helpful person.