Meet Procreate 4.

Coming this fall.

Powered by Metal.

Procreate 4 has a powerful new engine for exceptional graphic performance. Built on Metal, Procreate is now up to four times faster and brings incredible new features and effects.

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Smudging and blending in Procreate 4 is 250 times more accurate. With this level of detail, blending, and combining colors feels exceptionally delicious.

Wet Painting.

With the all-new Metal painting engine you can create beautiful organic brush strokes, push paint around, or smear and blend things in completely new ways.

Refined Interface.

Nearly every pixel in Procreate has been polished to make your workflow faster, easier, and downright prettier. See all your Brush Sets at a glance, precisely tweak Adjustments, and navigate every color option without opening a menu. Everything is just a little bit nicer.

All New Gallery.

Now you can effortlessly manage thousands of artworks with all the power of iOS 11. Drag and drop to quickly transfer files, use Stacks to keep things organized, and easily share to any location with the new Files app.

Layer Masks.

Layer masks let you choose which parts of a layer to show without losing any of the original content. You can alter the mask in powerful ways by painting, erasing, transforming, or even smudging it.

Wide Color.

Cause pleasurable discomfort to your eyeballs with P3 Wide Color. Procreate 4 has full P3 support on compatible devices, including import, export, and video, so you can burn your retinas on any compatible display.

Drag & Drop.

Move images, brushes, and palettes in and out of Procreate faster than ever with iOS 11. Drag out individual layers or entire Stacks of artworks, or drop in brushes and use them straight away.

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Ready for iOS 11.

Procreate 4 is fully compatible with the new iOS features, and will launch with iOS 11 as a free update this Fall.

Demonstrations above are subject to change upon release.

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