The palette that's always connected

Nothing but tools

Keep your canvas free from distraction while you're painting. Switch effortlessly between paint, smudge, and erase with quick access to the brush and layer menus. Undo and redo right there on your wrist.

Palette tools
Armed with color

Armed with color

Wear your color palette just like a classical painter. You can select any of the 27 color
swatches created in Procreate Pocket and immediately start painting with them.

Track your creation

Use glance on your Watch to quickly check in on your document size and the amount of time you've been creating.

description of the screenshot
description of the screenshot

Canvas shortcuts

Press firmly and you can instantly create a new canvas or quickly clear your layer.

watchOS 2

Procreate Palette is a native watchOS 2 app, which has great improvements in battery life and speed of response.

Procreate Pocket Icon

Procreate Pocket

Available from the App Store for $2.99