Bring Procreate to life

Experience unmatched pressure, accuracy, and responsiveness with Apple Pencil and Procreate.

Get more out of Procreate

Even better with Apple Pencil

Finger painting in Procreate has always been at the forefront of mobile illustration. But Apple Pencil's cutting-edge technology combines with Procreate's ground-breaking brush engine to give you the most responsive creative experience on any platform.

Apple Pencil and Procreate

Feel the pressure

Exact control over every stroke

Every single brush in Procreate has been crafted to respond beautifully to Apple Pencil’s pressure sensitivity, making every stroke just as natural and responsive as you’re used to. You can even adjust your Pressure Curve, as well as individual pressure settings for each brush to get the exact control you need.

Apple Pencil Pressure

Stop lagging behind

A full 240Hz worth of power

When you use Apple Pencil with iPad Pro and Procreate, the Pencil boosts the sample rate of the touch sensors to a whopping 240Hz, keeping your stroke stuck to the tip of your Pencil.
No lag, no waiting, just art.

No lag with Apple Pencil

A new angle to mobile sketching

Effortless shading with a simple tilt

Tilt your Apple Pencil to the side and shade in Procreate just like you would with a real pencil. Effortlessly sketch and shade at the same time without needing to switch brushes.

Tilt with Apple Pencil
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Procreate for iPad

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