Dual texture brushes

Dual texture brushes

A breakthrough for digital artists

Procreate's industry-leading brushes are further enhanced with Tilt, Azimuth, Accumulation, and Flow; adding a new dimension to your entire brush library. All 128 brushes take advantage of Procreate's Shape and Grain components giving you greater customization.

Limitless creativity

Complete brush customization

Each brush gives you the freedom to tweak it until it's just right for you. Explore the boundless possibilites of modifying the brush shape and grain, and the dynamics of how it meets the canvas. Procreate is the only painting program that gives you over 35 settings to perfect your brush.

Brush customisation

Design your own brushes

Create the tools you create with

Create a completely new brush by selecting a shape and grain from the extensive Pro Library. Take a photo with your iPad's camera, or use any existing image. There's no barrier to designing the perfect brush for your artwork.

Make your own brushes

Stylize your stylus

Put every pixel in its place

Control not only how the brush looks, but how it feels. Procreate lets you customize how the opacity and size of your strokes respond to the speed, pressure and tilt of your stylus.

Procreate with a stylus
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Procreate for iPad

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