Software Engineer Position Available

Software Engineer

Position now available.

Do you want a chance to be creative, and to have meaningful input into the products you make? We're looking for a developer to write code that's as beautiful as our customers' artwork.

Join the resistance.

Based in Hobart, Tasmania, Savage Interactive is the developer of the internationally
award-winning iPad app Procreate. Procreate is the industry leading mobile illustration application for iPad Pro and Apple Pencil. We believe in making positive change in the creative industry,
and we use the latest technologies to push the boundaries of digital creativity. For too long, creatives have been under the yoke of huge, faceless corporations. Not the yellow things from eggs, they're spelled differently. The wooden ones that - you know what, never mind.
The point is that we're changing that.

Long-distance relationships are hard on everyone, so this isn't a remote position - we're looking for someone to become an integral, full-time member of our growing team. This position has great opportunity for exploring the latest tools and hardware and discovering exactly what you're capable of. The successful applicant will work as part of a high-calibre, award-winning team, but will also have a level of project independence. We want to give you what you need to push yourself to create your best work.

Mandatory requirements

The successful applicant will have:

• A strong background with Swift and Objective-C languages

• Experience working with Metal or Open-GL

• Working knowledge of UIKit or AppKit

• Strong experience with iOS or OSX development

• The desire to work in a high-performance environment

• The desire to constantly improve their skills and ability

• The ability to work in rapidly evolving situations

This isn't a Matt head for once.

Is this you?

Apply and find out.

If you're up to the challenge, send us your CV and a cover letter.